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The Eternal Knot


Silver Lotus coin on a silk link.

Blue and Red / Black & Grey / Green

One size.


The Eternal Knot is explicative of cause and effect. It also represents interactions. This symbol is characterized by entwined lines in a closed pattern. This enclosed pattern signifies the interrelationship of all happenings or phenomena in this world. It also implies the mutual dependence of secular life and religious doctrines. As a symbol of cause and effect, it signifies that whatever happens or occurs because something produces it and that events have interrelationships. If you clearly understand the implications of this symbol, you will become wise and enlightened in life.


The Eternal Knot symbolizes the mind of the Buddha. It epitomizes his eternal wisdom as well as his endless compassion. As a symbol that represents Buddha's teachings, it shows the twelve links and the continuity of interdependent origination. These twelve links of interdependent origination, in turn, triggers the cyclic existence' reality. In its general sense, it depicts the real nature of this world that everything in this world is interrelated. Each exists only as an integral part of the web of karma and its inevitable effects.


About our new collection:


2020 was the year of doubt, questioning, uncertainty and fear of tomorrow.

This is why we searched for inspiration, escaping to the four corners of the world. This evasion was spiritual since we could not travel. So we read, discussed (especially with my mother), met people who led us gradually to the 6th century B.C. and the appearance of Buddhism.


The philosophy of Buddhism is that of deliverance from suffering. The doctrine is based on the suffering inherent in human life and its ultimate objective is to free man from this suffering. For this, there is no supreme divinity to turn to nor any magical help. The only way to leave the path of suffering which repeats life after life is to come out of ignorance.


Inspired by this philosophy, we wanted to create a spiritually rich collection that could guide its wearer regardless of their history, beliefs and journey.


We decided to create a collection of bracelets and necklaces around a unique piece, a Tibetan piece.  The lotus design, both on the front and back, is the key element of this piece. The obverse (front) shows a lotus surrounded by the eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism. These eight symbols are The Eternal or Endless Knot, The Treasure Vase, The Two Golden Fish, The Parasol, The Conch Shell, The Victory Banner, The Dharma Wheel, and of course the Lotus Flower.  

Each of these symbols has a different meaning, related to future success, spiritual victories and auspicious events to come. We decided to name each of the creations in this collection with the name of one of these symbols.


We are happy to share with you this new collection, full of meaning and spirituality, originally created for my mother and now available for all those who are searching for a strong piece to support them in their daily difficulties and to overcome their doubts

The Eternal Knot

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