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Our inspiration

At Philip Oliver Paris, each piece has a story

Our rings, necklaces, and bracelets are inspired by the strength of the places we have visited, the power of nature, and the deep emotions connected to these travel experiences. The strong character of our creations springs from the soul of our world’s cultures. Our selection of quality materials is a tribute to our precious planet.

Each piece combines the memory of our travels with a deep creative process. From this fusion, appears a rich and meaningful object that contains the memories of our encounters and the emotions of new and beautiful discoveries. 

Our brand is born with this sole intention: create luxury jewelry to capture and share what makes life exceptional.


Philip Oliver Paris philosophy

Discover inspiration as you browse our online boutique.

Each piece has a story which contributes to the DNA of Philip Oliver Paris. 

Philip Oliver Paris wearing some cuff br

Our creations, your way

Our creations inspire confidence. Designed to underline your natural style – whether elegant and discreet or edgy and extravagant – our jewelry has the aim of complimenting your true character. 

You want to feel free: no barriers, no gender, no preconceptions, no obligations, no frameworks, no walls. Express yourself through Philip Oliver Paris.

Endless options

Our jewelry serves your style. In homage to your freedom, Philip Oliver Paris makes light of the rules. Bangles, chains, band rings; each of our creations is designed to coexist with the others but can also be worn alone. You decide.

We encourage unique combinations and personal creativity so that your possibilities for expression and reinterpretation are boundless. Browse our gallery or our Instagram account for a glimpse of our offerings to compliment your creative freedom.

Philip Oliver Paris wearing handmade ste

Respect of the environment

Philip Oliver Paris is Environment frien

From the sourcing of the stones to the shaping of our pieces and the marketing of our jewelry, the values of sustainability and eco-responsibility are at the center of our creation and production.

All of the materials used in the creation of our pieces are recycled and sourced from craftsmen or retailers that are carefully selected by our team travelling all around the world. We guarantee the quality and the ethical origin of our raw materials, as well as the respect of the lands that bear them.

Our packaging is made of eco-friendly materials.  

Handcrafted in Paris

Our creations are handmade in our Parisian workshop. We believe in the importance of objects with character. Mindful, artisanal production allows for finesse and discernible expertise. It brings out the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece of jewelry: the perfection lies in the imperfections. Your piece will continue its path with you and become a part of your story.

Philip Oliver Paris crafts with a made-to-order process to avoid any waste. This allows us to take the time to work in full respect of traditions, and of course, to bring into each of our pieces the intention and consideration it deserves. 

Philip Oliver Paris handmade jewelry, al

Philip Oliver Paris creations

Our universe is built around a duality: subtlety and power.


Each of our creations is shaped from distinguished materials (24-carat gold, 925 sterling silver, pearls and precious stones, gems, etc.). Their delicacy, in addition to the finesse of our work, allows each one to blend in with your character to perfect your style.

Philip Oliver Paris wearing some Silver


Our pieces communicate the movement of the world, combining the energy of nature with the richness of cultures. They have been precisely crafted to pass this strength and nobility to their wearers.

Philip Oliver Paris with his thumb ring

Every day this duality inspires the Philip Oliver Paris team. Let it guide you as well to create your own combinations. Simple, fine, and balanced pearls juxtaposed with thick, shiny, and energetic sterling silver; strong links blended with the softness of smooth brushed silver; treat yourself!


Character lies in the mix of genres, the openness to the world, and the freedom to express your true self

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